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Hotel Phoenix is located in a quiet area on the main street in Reykjavík, Laugavegur number 140, in the center of Reykjavik,  300 meters from the waterfront promenade. One minute away from Bus stop number 13, Raudararstigur, were the Fly bus and all excursion buses stop.



How to get to Hotel Phoenix from the International airport

The International airport is located at Keflavik, 30 miles/50 KM south of Reykjavik.

The easiest and least expensive way to get to Hotel Phoenix from the International airport is by taking the Flybus shuttle that runs for 24 hours, connected to the flights. The bus is located outside the arrival hall after clearing through customs. Tickets are sold in the arrival hall.

The bus ride from the Int. Airport to the Central Bus Station, (BSI), takes ca. 50 minutes, where luggage can be stored if your arrival time is before check in time and you want to explore the city before check in. From there a smaller bus will take you to bus stop number 13 which is only one minute walking distance from  Hotel Phoenix. A small fee is for hotel drop off.

Taxis are stationed outside the terminal at all hours.

You can pay the Flybus and all taxis with major credit cards and note that tipping is not a custom in Iceland and nobody expects it.

Estimated time after landing at the Int. Airport and to a hotel in Reykjavik is 2 - 2,5 hours.

The self driving direction to Hotel Phoenix Reykjavik from the Int. Airport in Iceland:

After leaving the terminal take road no. 41 into Reykjavik. Turn left on MIKLABRAUT and drive MIKLABRAUT until turning right on RAUDARARSTIGUR. Drive RAUDARARSTIGUR until you come to HLEMMUR, bus station in REYKJAVIK. Turn right up LAUGAVEGUR and Hotel Phoenix is 100 meters away on your right hand side.

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